Downsizing Assistance

Coordinating a move to a smaller residence can be mentally taxing and physically demanding.  This is especially true for those who have not moved in 25+ years and have a lifetime's worth of belongings.  Let's face it, the contents of a 2,500 square foot house will not fit into a 1,000 square foot apartment! 

And, as much as we don't like to think about it, sometimes life throws curveballs. You, or a loved one, may find yourself in a health crisis which effects your ability to decide how your belongings are distributed. To retain control over the distribution of your treasures, it is wise to make those decisions sooner than later.

Our downsizing services can include:

  • Assist with the physical demands decluttering and organizing belongings.

  • Help sort through belongings to determine what to keep,  gift, donate, discard or recycle. 

  • Take donations to local charities and recycle items appropriately.

  • Arrange for trash pick up/bins if necessary.

  • Pack belongings that go to the new residence, but aren't needed while selling the home. 

  • Place the remaining furniture to highlight the home for sale. Or, recommend the services of a reputable professional Home Stager.

  • Pack up the contents of the home, arrange for movers, and coordinate the move.

  • Set up the new home by unpacking, organizing and placing furniture.

  • Arrange for an Estate Sale to dispose of any belongings remaining in the original residence.

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