Move out | Move in

Do you or your parents need help packing up for a move? 

Do you need help sorting through belongings to determine what you want to bring to your new home, what you gift, and what to donate or recycle? 


Would you like help unpacking and organizing your belongings in your new residence?


Organizing Halton can help make your life easier and less stressful on either side of the move. 

Move out Services:

  • Declutter and prepare home for sale

  • Help you donate, recycle and dispose of unwanted items 

  • Pack your belongings for the move to your new home

  • Arrange for movers and storage units


Move in Services:

  • Unpack your belongings and remove packing materials

  • Organize your belongings in your new home

  • Place furniture and hang pictures

  • Help you donate, recycle, and dispose of unwanted items

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