• Caroline Mitchell


“ I love spending all weekend organizing my house”, said Nobody Ever.

“Sunday is my favourite day to spend untold hours organizing my house”, said the spouse of Nobody Evers.

You this morning: “I am going to spend all day organizing my house”.

You this afternoon: “I spent all day organizing and there’s nothing to show for it”.

The mistake people often make during the organizing process is that, when they come across an item that belongs in another room, they take it to that other room immediately. Then, lo and behold, they find something in that other room that belongs in yet another room. So, they pick it up and take it to where it belongs. This cycle continues until lots of things are put away all over the house (which is great if your intent is to tidying up one miniscule item at a time and impressing your Fit Bit), but it doesn’t address the main problem. You have too much stuff. And the stuff you have often doesn’t have a permanent home.

This is how a Professional Organizer works. It’s efficient, and focused.

When organizing:

1) Stick to one room, drawer, cabinet, closet, box etc.

2) Get four boxes (or bags) for the stuff that is not staying; such as

a. Things that belong somewhere else in your house

b. Things you are going to donate or gift

c. Things that are going in the garbage

d. Things that are going to be recycled

3) Don’t leave that spot (i.e. the project/room) until you are COMPLETELY DONE ORGANIZINIG IT or can see a significant change. Sure, go to the washroom, but keep it quick.

Professional Organizers keep their clients focused on the task and hand, and provide guidance as to where belongings should live. For example, keep dishes and silverware near the sink or dishwasher. Put mugs near the coffee maker. Store heavy stuff down low, and light stuff higher up. Some things are obvious. Some things are not.

If a home is organized in a logical way, it takes far less time tidying up. Which leaves you with more time to enjoy your weekend to spend time with family and friends. Or, to simply chill out and do a little naval gazing.

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