• Caroline Mitchell



I’m not sure about you, but I am surrounded by people (a 12 and under crowd) who could not care less about living in an organized home. The only time they whimper about clutter is when they can’t find an iPad charger or Little Pet Shop toy. My daughter knows better than to come to me for help when she looses Polly Pocket accessories. Who came up with the idea of making pencil eraser sized plastic shoes anyway?

As I was saying, the Smalls in my house aren’t a whole lot of help in keeping our place in (nare I say) tip-top shape. For me, clutter is visual noise. I can’t think straight around it. It affects how I feel, my emotional state and my ability to focus. Granted, as a parent of two, I am able to ignore a lot more clutter than I could pre-kids. You really do have to lower your expectation when they show up.

That being said, for a lot of folks, clutter isn’t noticeable, and isn’t a problem until it’s negatively affecting their lives in big ways. Clutter often goes hand-in-hand with disorganization. And, again, disorganization isn’t a problem until it negatively affects the quality of life in a material way.

When disorganization starts to make you feel like your life is chaotic, and it starts costing you emotional and financially, it’s time to start thinking about making a change. Are you familiar with that heavy feeling that shows up when you are surrounded by unfinished projects or belongings that don’t have a “home”, stacks of unopened mail, or a refrigerator that can’t hold any real food due to the 35 bottles of condiments (20 that are duplicates) taking up all the space? That’s the feeling that can go away when you declutter and organize your surroundings.

Let’s not forget that everybody has his or her own vision of “organized”. And, that’s important, because it determines one’s level of tolerance. For some, an organized home looks like a minimalistic model home (which isn’t realistic since model homes don’t normally have condiments in the fridge or kids running around). And, for others, an organized home looks like a home that’s well lived in, where (just about) everything has a place and anything can be found within five minutes or so. What’s my home you ask? I have a number of condiments, a half way full junk drawer, and a small stack of papers on my kitchen counter that don’t really have a home. But, I can usually find anything I am looking for within a minute or two.

I guess my point is this; being organized makes me feel relaxed and energized all at the same time. Being surrounded by clutter makes me feel tired, overwhelmed, under pressure, and to be quite frank, a little depressed. If you feel the same way, but find that you don’t have the time, energy, knowledge, or gumption to get your home organized, then a Professional Organizer might be the right person to call for help. Professional Organizers are a judgment-free unbiased third party, whose main goal is to help you get control over your space (and life, in general) so you can focus on the NOW with more energy and a silly grin.

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