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Realtors & Home Stagers: Is your client putting their home on the market soon?

I am a former California Real Estate agent and have personally used the services of a professional Home Stager to sell my home. I know, as well as you, that decluttered and organized homes sell much faster, and for more money, than their competition.  

Organized Halton can help your clients prepare the sale by decluttering and organizing their home. We can pack belongings they want to keep but that don't belong in the home while it’s on the market. The home will be primed and ready for a professional Home Stager to work their magic. Once the property is sold we can pack up the balance of the belongings and coordinate with a mover to get your clients on their way to their new homes. If they are moving to a home in the Halton Region, we can unpack and organize in their new residence, as well.

Contractors: Does your client need help preparing for their renovation?

Organizing Halton can assist your clients by helping them sort through their belongings, to determine what to gift, donate, toss and keep, prior to the renovation commencing. There’s no reason to pack up an entire kitchen, when only a subset of the contents are going to be used in the newly renovated space. Organizing Halton can also pack up the remaining belongings, arrange for a mover, and a storage bin. We will even take the donations to a local charity for you.

Organizing Halton has a Partner Program that will enable you to help your customers get moving on the right track, so their sale or renovation can start on a great foot.

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