Prepare for your Renovation

Renovating? Well, guess what? It's all got to come out before the contractors come in! Subject to your renovation, this could mean that all the dishes, cookware, knickknacks, clothing, or sporting equipment have to be located to another part of the house, or even off-site before the contractors can start their work.

This is the perfect time to go through your belongings and sort out what you want to keep, gift, donate or discard.

There's no need to pack things up that don't belong (or fit) into your new space. It's better to gift, sell or donate these items so that someone else can get enjoyment and of use of them. Organizing Halton can help you curate your belongings so that only the items you love (and need) remain. 

We can also come back to help you organize after the renovation is complete to ensure that you can easily find your belongings when you want them.

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