Decluttering & Home Organization

Finding time time to declutter and organize your home can be difficult. In between work obligations, childrens' activities and necessary errands, not much time is left over. Add to that, your physical abilities may be hampered due to an illness or age. Or, you may feel overwhelmed, and need a bit of help to get the process going.


Organizing Halton can help you declutter and organize your home by working with you step-by-step through the entire process. We assess the spaces in your home that you want help with, then develop a plan together. We will help guide you in the pairing-down process and work with you to organize the items you decide to keep, gift to family and friends, donate to charities, recycle or toss. 


Lastly, we can provide you with access to trusted professionals who can help finish your projects and make repairs, such as handymen, painters, plumbers, cleaners and auction houses. We can even coordinate the home repair jobs for you. 

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