Organizing Halton made me not afraid to go in my basement. Caroline was thorough and had great ideas. I had stuff in my basement for 20 years that needed an outside view to help me realize what I actually needed. I felt so relaxed when we were done. The fact that donations are taken away when you are done is a huge bonus. I would recommend Caroline to anyone who needs help organizing your home.

-Jenn Dunn

When we moved into our new home, we piled everything we didn't know what to do with into our office. Caroline helped us get it in order so our kids could use it when doing their homework. I had no idea how relaxing it would be to have that mess of a room finally organized! Getting the room cleaned out was like taking 10 lbs. off my shoulders. 

-Jenny P.

I needed help for 15 years and 2 kids things left behind after they moved.Caroline and her team were amazing! Thanks you are hardworking and professional and kept me sane.

-Marsha C.

I finally love my closet. Caroline helped makes sense of my chaotic, stuffed to the brim, closet. I can actually see my clothes now, and I've stopped buying black pants since I now realize that I had over 15 of them stuffed in the back.

-Sharyl J.

My linen closet was full to the brim. I knew that I was only using a portion of the contents, but I needed help to sort through it and get it organized so I could find things more easily. After going through the closet with Caroline I had five large garbage bags full of items to donate and toss. She is great to work with.

-Jen S.

Organizing Halton made sense of my kitchen. Now I can actually see what food I have in stock, so I don't buy duplicates. I am not throwing out so much food anymore. I love it!

- Karen M.

Caroline has helped us with three projects! When we were getting our house ready to move, she was a power house of organization, helping us go through all of our accumulated JUNK (it's true!), store the things we wanted to keep, and get the house ready to sell. I really believe that we wouldn't have been able to find a buyer without her! She also did a big basement clean out at the new house. Everything was put into categories, precious keepsakes were stored safely, and we can actually find things :-) Most recently, my laundry room got out of control. Caroline to the rescue! Labelled bins with out of season clothes, clean and organized shelves with all of our cleaning supplies, and easy to use places to fold, iron, and sort. I won't say that it's exactly a pleasure to do laundry, but it's a lot better ;-) Caroline, is kind and understanding, while being a whirlwind of energy. We have a house that works much better because she helped us.

-Elizabeth M.

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